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Make It A Splendid Week – “My Dad”

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My Dad

My greatest inspiration is my dad. He has inspired me to always work hard and try to achieve my best. He sets a good example by doing this himself. When I slack off, he motivates me to get going again. He tells me stories

my dad

A dad and son posing at Family Camp!

about when he was young and how he has worked hard to get rid of bad habits like procrastination. He has made me want to be a doctor like him. He is a pediatrician, and that is the field I want to go into too. My dad has taught me the importance of getting a good education. My dad is very religious and he inspires me to be a better Muslim. For instance, even though my dad is busy, he takes time to say his prayers and go to the mosque when he can. His belief in God is very strong. This has made me trust God more and be open with others about what I believe.

by Samiah, age 13, 2009


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