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Make It A Splendid Week – “Ode to My Mom”

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Family Camp

A dad and son kissing mom on the cheek at Family Camp!


Ode to My Mom

 You are funny:

You wake me up laughing by tickling my toes

You make fun of my sisters for me

When you play with me you are always making jokes

You are nice:

You comfort me when I’m scared

By making fun of me

You help me with my homework when

I don’t understand it

You are loving:

You work really hard to provide food

And our light green house with the big tree in front.

by Raquel, age 11, 2010


“Make It A Splendid Week” is a weekly post featuring a poem from one of our talented young authors in The Splendid Review.  Learn more about The Splendid Review and The Periwinkle Foundation’s Arts & Creative Writing Program or like The Splendid Review on Facebook

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