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Survivors in Service: Periwinkle Day Camp

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In celebration of National Cancer Survivor Month, Periwinkle is highlighting ways survivors strengthen the Periwinkle community of healing. At the beginning of the month, we introduced the upcoming series and are excited to share our final post on our survivors and their volunteer efforts at Periwinkle, specifically Periwinkle Day Camp, which took place this past week.

One of the greatest gifts to Periwinkle is the service and ongoing support of our survivors. Whether a program, special event or just another day in the office, we’re almost guaranteed to have the hands of a survivor pitching in. At a young age, a lot of our survivors attended a Periwinkle camp as a camper, looking up to the very counselors, camp staff and mentors who not only taught them how to become stronger survivors but truly molded them into who they are today.  It’s no surprise that, in turn, a lot of our campers come back as counselors themselves and want to share what they have learned. Most recently, our survivors showed us their leadership skills as they served as Periwinkle Day Camp counselors, mentoring a campers, ages 7-12, whose shoes they were once in.

Thank you to this amazing group of individuals who continue to make a difference at Periwinkle!

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