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Each year your generosity helps send 500 children living with cancer and other life threatening illnesses and their siblings to The Periwinkle Foundation camps free of charge.
We hope we can count on your support to reach our Fill The Bus Campaign goal of $50,000.


Letters from Emma and Hannah, Camp Periwinkle Campers and their mom




Thank you Camp Periwinkle for changing lives through the camp experience! I can’t express how grateful we are to have had Emma and her sister attend such a wonderful place of healing–not just for them but for us as a family.  The week at Camp Periwinkle is magical; there kids are not cancer patients, they’re just kids.

Emma was diagnosed at age 3 with an aggressive Ependymoma brain tumor that came back five times. She’s had multiple surgeries and cancer treatments over the course of several years, and the outcome has left her with many issues, including physical and cognitive delays.  Unlike her peers, she is limited as to what she can do. 

At Camp Periwinkle, she is fearless and bold, truly happy, and so loved by many. She is not bullied by peers, or looked at strangely by others, or labeled as “different;” she is accepted and capable.  The minute Camp is over the first thing she talks about is going back again. I am surprised by the stories of her adventures, of her doing things I didn’t think she could do. It’s truly an enjoyable time for her. She came back a confident, stronger girl.

As for her little sister, Hannah, I feel like the sibling experience at camp is enormously important. Although she tries to be understanding and patient as a sibling, sometimes it’s not easy for her living with a sister that is different than her typical peers; Emma requires so much. Before Camp, Hannah felt like no one understood what it was like to be in her shoes; the younger kid who always had to look after her older sibling–the sister that was often weird and embarrassing.  When she arrived at Camp, she bonded to other siblings who got it–who also had the same experiences and feelings at home. At Camp, she learned acceptance and understanding, and gained perspective from others in the same boat–it was a life changer for her for sure. She came back kinder and more patient towards Emma.

Camp Periwinkle holds such a huge place in our hearts. Thank you Periwinkle Foundation for loving our kids.



Emma & Hannah’s mom