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Periwinkle Tomorrow

Each year your generosity supports Periwinkle Camps, Arts and Survivor Programs at no cost to children and families who are affected by cancer and other life-threatening illnesses and cared for at Texas Children’s Hospital. We hope we can count on your support to reach our Periwinkle Tomorrow Campaign goal of $50,000.


Letter from Simran on the eve of Camp Periwinkle 
Former Camp Periwinkle & Camp YOLO Camper
Camp Periwinkle Counselor


“I am aware that this photo is maybe one of my most unflattering pictures from childhood. But it reminds me of how much cancer, chemo, and medications deteriorated my physical, mental and emotional being. My before and after treatment pictures are unrecognizable. This picture is real, this is how I started my journey at camp, and it shows how far I’ve come. Kids have such a resilience after tragedy and adversity and it continues to blow my mind. 10 years ago I came to Camp Periwinkle; bald, chubby from my meds, and extremely nervous for what to expect. I lived in a world full of people who never understood what I felt and went through. Camp Periwinkle was and still is the only place in the world where we feel normal. Here it doesn’t matter if you’ve been told you can’t do things because at camp, you can. At camp, you’re a kid and that’s something that gets so viciously taken away from us.

Tomorrow I am a counselor for the first time at the place that still continues to change my life. I can’t wait to see the smiles of 186 kids this week who are about to feel the same way me and all my friends do. I get to watch and be a part of these kids growing and discovering themselves, pushing their limits, and meeting best friends who know what they’re going though. I couldn’t be more excited for this chapter of my life to start. I am so grateful to be able to look back on this picture and know that 10 years of this foundation has transformed me as a person and shaped me into who I am. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Periwinkle. I’m ready for the best week of my life with some of the strongest kids I’ll ever meet! I’m constantly thinking of my angels that will be at camp in spirit and I can only hope that I impact a child’s life the way my Periwinkle family has impacted mine.”