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Since 2001, The Periwinkle Foundation has collaborated with the Arts in Medicine Program at Texas Children’s Cancer Center to bring fun and unique opportunities for self-expression, empowerment and development of coping skills to patients and their families utilizing professional artists and writers. Periwinkle’s Arts and Creative Writing Program culminates each year in Making A Mark®, an exhibition of art and creative writing by children touched by cancer and blood disorders at Texas Children’s Cancer Center.

The Periwinkle Foundation Arts and Creative Writing Program is based on the belief that the creative process involved in art is healing and life enhancing. Music, performing and visual arts, and creative writing and story-telling enhance the treatment environment and provide a focus on the psychosocial aspect of healing. The Arts and Creative Writing Program is an integral part of providing necessary support for patients and their families.

Through arts and creative writing programs The Periwinkle Foundation provides enjoyable, educational and meaningful artistic opportunities for patients and families. Periwinkle partners with local arts organizations to provide weekly programming at Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers. Professional writers work bedside with children to create short stories, poetry and autobiographies which are published in an anthology titled, The Splendid Review. Each month Periwinkle hosts a performing arts group to engage and entertain children in the clinic.


“Thank you. My cousin spent the first six years of her life in a hospital. When asked what it was like,
 she could never fully make me understand. Looking at your work, I understand it now.”
“You are beautiful. I am a stage 4 cancer survivor of over 11 years. You will definitely survive and thrive
 and be stronger inside and out and help to change the world.”
“I was walking through Hobby Airport and stopped to look at the art work.
 Your picture of the bare tree is beautiful – but not nearly as beautiful as your heart.
 Thank you for sharing. My life is better today than yesterday.”
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The Periwinkle Foundation develops and provides programs that positively change the lives of children, young adults and families who are challenged by cancer and other life-threatening illnesses and are cared for at Texas Children's Hospital.