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Fill The Bus

Each year your generosity helps send more than 400 children to The Periwinkle Foundation camps free of charge. We hope we can count on you again to help us reach our Fill the Bus goal of $50,000.



In January of 2015 our son Arda was diagnosed with Leukemia (ALL and AML). This was of course shocking and devastating for our family. We have four children, ages 15, 13, 9 and 2. By nature, we are a positive thinking family and we are all fighters. We also lucked out by being introduced to Texas Children’s Hospital by Dr. David Anmuth and Dr. Alana Kennedy-Nasser. We will forever be thankful to these two! The staff at TCH have been nothing short of amazing from Day 1! We have built “friendships” with our care team, Ms. Jalane, Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Robin, all our wonderful nurses in the clinic and on the 9th floor and of course Dr. Dryer have become lifelong friends for our family! We LOVE them all dearly!

Through the staff we were encouraged to send our kids to Camp Periwinkle during the summer of 2015. Erge is known to be a “helicopter mom” of sorts and was having complete anxiety over this. We don’t even send our kids to grandparents to spend the night! Dr. Dryer would not let up. She kept telling us what an amazing experience this would be for the kids and how we really HAD to send them.

The idea was to send Arda and his older sister Lara.

We were very nervous. Arda had low counts and we were somewhat OK with sending him, because we knew the medical staff would be there. Lara though… We really were nervous about sending her to an overnight camp. You see, Lara has cerebral palsy, ADD and epilepsy. She’s a surviving twin. The apple of our eye. The one momma really flys over. She was ready to go. She kept reassuring us that she would be just fine!

Fast forward. Both Arda and Lara attended camp.

Boy were they FINE! They absolutely LOVED camp! They ziplined, they partied, they made new friends! Turns out, they could also remember to brush their teeth, eat, wear clean clothes and not leave their stuff behind without Momma hovering over them. They couldn’t stop talking about their counselors, the friends they made, the activities they participated in. This was clearly not the camp our friends’ kids were attending. We joked about it being the creme-de-la-creme of camps.

I have to say they were both somewhat moody the week after coming back home. Reason was all of a sudden home was “boring”! They had THAT MUCH fun at camp and cannot wait to go back this summer if they get approved!

We also did a weekend of family camp in the fall.

That was also a lot of fun for our family as a whole. Life gets busy and we don’t always spend time doing “fun stuff” as a family. Family Camp reminded us how much we actually enjoy each other’s company and how we need to make more quality time for our family. Another part of family camp that was refreshing was to see and meet other families who were fighting the fight and were all moving on with BIG smiles! Perspective is a beautiful thing. It helped everyone in our family to never feel sorry for ourselves, but remember to be thankful for every day and for each other.

We will forever be friends of the Periwinkle Foundation and are very grateful for the opportunities they have given our family.

-Erge & Daniel, Arda and Lara’s parents