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Family Camp

Family Camp is held twice a year at Camp For All in Burton, TX.

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In 2006, The Periwinkle Foundation and Texas Children’s Cancer Center identified a need to develop additional programming for families that offers emotional support and networking. Family Camp was designed to meet the needs of the entire family unit as they collectively grapple with the emotional roller coaster of a pediatric cancer diagnosis.

Periwinkle held its first Family Camp in February 2009. The camp creates an environment in which participants gain tools to make them stronger survivors and stronger families. It also gives parents and guardians the opportunity to witness and participate with their child or children in activities they may have thought were impossible after a cancer diagnosis. Family Camp programming allows and encourages families to spend healing time together creating treasured family memories and allows them to get to know other families who are experiencing or have experienced similar issues. It helps them find normalcy while grappling with the myriad of emotions that accompany a pediatric cancer diagnosis and the ensuing treatment.


Family Camp is best described in the comments from the families attending:

“Lately, there have been days that we won’t see a smile on Evani, but at camp no doubt there was that smile that we’ve been missing for so long. Watching my girls have fun w/a smile from ear to ear….PRICELESS! She not only tried new things for the first time, but her confidence soared. ” – Familia Marin, Family Camp

“Now that Family Camp is over, I feel ready to battle cancer again because the other children and families have given me strength and hope that we too will survive.” – Parent, Family Camp

“Before I came to Family Camp, I had a bratty attitude with my parents and with my sister who is the patient. Coming to camp, I felt that this time it is not all for my sister. I learned that my mom and dad love me the same way as my sister.” – Sibling, Family Camp

“Each beautiful and happy memory we made (at Family Camp) displaces some of the sadness and guilt we feel because of the things we (and our kids) missed out on through the years of therapy and hospitalizations.” – Parent, Family Camp

Family Camp Spring 2017

Family Camp Fall 2016