Facebook Fundraisers

Generate Support through a Facebook Fundraiser

Are you looking for a unique way to raise funds for Periwinkle? Create a Facebook Fundraiser for your Birthday or any celebration! This is a great way to get your social media friends to support and find out more about the organization you love.

  1. Visit https://www.facebook.com/fund/periwinklefoundation/ and log into your Facebook Account
  2. Set a goal for your fundraiser, and the date you’d like it to start.
  3. Title your fundraiser and customize why you are raising money for The Periwinkle Foundation. Personal stories and reflections help connect your community to the cause.
  4. Click “Create”! And then, share with your networks! Thank any friends that contribute and share your success!

No Processing Fees

Facebook pays all the processing fees for the donor, so 100% of gifts given through a Facebook Fundraiser goes directly to The Periwinkle Foundation.

To learn more about how you can Facebook fundraise for The Periwinkle Foundation, please email Alice Rohrman at mbeall@periwinklefoundation.org.