Periwinkle Foundation

Long Term Survivor Retreat

In 2008, Periwinkle held its first Long Term Survivor retreat. The attendees collectively stated that it was beneficial and important to them to have a safe place to share their mutual struggles and hardships and to discuss their unresolved feelings of being a survivor. “It is a big relief to know that I am not the only survivor out there who has to jump though hurdles and break through walls to live a normal life. As a family, we can face these hurdles and walls together.”

– Long Term Survivor Retreat Participant

Long Term Survivor Retreat 2017

Based on feedback from the inaugural retreat, The Periwinkle Foundation began laying the groundwork for a robust Long Term Survivor program in which survivors will be empowered to develop and implement the programming. The program will include a yearly retreat and opportunities for survivors to share experiences, learn life skills and give back to the cancer community.

For more information about the Long Term Survivor Program, contact Meredith Beall at 713.807.0191 or


Long Term Survivor Retreat 2017