Artapalooza Presented by Northwestern Mutual


Artapalooza, presented by Northwestern Mutual, is not just an event; it’s a celebration of creativity, resilience, and healing. At the Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Center, patients are not only receiving medical treatment but also finding solace and joy through artistic expression.

The week kicked off with Aquamarine Monday, marking the beginning of the fourth annual Artapalooza. Patients eagerly delved into their personalized Art Boxes, generously provided by the Periwinkle Arts In Medicine Program. With oil pastels, watercolors, pencils, and more at their disposal, the young artists embarked on a journey of self-expression and exploration.

Tangerine Tuesday brought a burst of color to the clinic. From vibrant markers to bold crayons, patients unleashed their imaginations, creating artworks that reflected their unique personalities and experiences.

And then came Black and White Wednesday, a day dedicated to the classic elegance of monochrome. The artworks produced were rich in emotion and depth. Oil pastels and pencils danced across the paper, conveying a myriad of feelings and stories.

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