Camp YOLO and the World’s Greatest

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Photo Booth Fun
YOLO Campers Posing in the Photo Booth

Celebrating its 20th year, Camp YOLO continues to provide teens with an experience that campers describe as, “the quickest weekend with new friends that become family in a matter of days.” Last weekend The Periwinkle Foundation hosted the largest Camp YOLO to date, serving 143 patients and their siblings treated at the Cancer and Hematology Centers, Cardiology Center, Rheumatology Clinic, Renal Center, Allergy and Immunology Center, and Retrovirology Clinic at Texas Children’s Hospital

This spring, the theme World’s Greatest celebrated Houston’s very own World Series Champions, the Houston Astros. But ask any counselor or volunteer, and they’ll tell you the World’s Greatest can be found in the very campers that spent a weekend growing in community, trying new things such as the ropes course, crafting in the art barn and making the best of every moment despite the rain.

To see more great memories from Camp YOLO, visit the Photo Album here.

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  1. Jessica Vidauri April 28, 2018

    The Periwinkle Foundation Thank You For Making Camp YOLO A Speical Place. Each and Every Year You Make Camp Amazing. As. Former Camper Who Was Dealing With A Lot of Insecurities. Camp YOLO Taught Me How To Live My Life As Normal Child Without Dealing With Medical Treatment. I Will Cherish Every Memories That I Had Made When I Was A Camper. And Hopefully When September Come I Will Be A Counselor and Help Those Camper That Are Dealing With Their Insecurities and That It’s Okay To Live A Normal Life Without Having To Deal With Medical Treatments.

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