Make it a Splendid Week: Colors and Feelings

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This week’s edition of Make it a Splendid Week invites us to think about the colors different feelings carry. Estrella, Miclo, and Stephanie’s poem Feelings on Earth, coupled with Emma’s painting Aries Wormhole has us wondering; What color are you feeling today? Make it a Splendid Week!

Making A Mark®
Aries Wormhole
Emma, age 10

Write a Postcard from the Road to Emma, by clicking here. Emma’s artwork is No. 87

Feelings on Earth

On sparkle pink days,
I feel happy like a flamingo
flapping its wings.

On glittery blue days,
I feel glittery happy
like a lake in Lufkin.

On brown days,
I feel glad like a tree
waving its leaves.

On teal days,
I feel proud to be a peacock
attracting a mate.

On black days,
I feel sleepy and sometimes
hear my brother snore.

On violet pink days,
I feel excited
because it’s the end of the day.

All colors
make the earth beautiful
and that makes us feel humble.

– Estrella, age 9, Miclo, age 8, & Stephanie, age 6

This entry is a part of our series “Make it a Splendid Week”! Follow along weekly to enjoy excerpts from The Splendid Review, an anthology of poems, short stories and autobiographies written by talented young writers engaged in the Periwinkle Arts In Medicine Program at Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers.

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