Make it a Splendid Week: The Holiday Season

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This week’s edition of Make it a Splendid Week celebrates the magic and wonder of the holiday season. Enjoy Chris’ adventurous poem If I Were Rudolph and the creative piece Queen of Snow by Tama’a. Where ever and however you are celebrating, we hope you experience joy-filled and safe holidays. Make it a Splendid Week!

Making A Mark®
Queen of Snow
Tama’a, age 9

Write a Postcard from the Road to Tama’a, by clicking here. Queen of Snow is artwork No. 17.

If I Were Rudolph

My nose is bright red on Christmas Eve.
Tonight, I drive Santa’s sleigh.
It’s cold and I slide on snowy roofs.
I keep my legs moving and stomp my feet.
When I shake my head, I hear jingle bells.

Some boys jump on the sleigh when Santa is in a house.
Santa almost crashes the sleigh because the boys scare him.
I make sure he doesn’t crash because I’m Rudolph.
I can turn my head and go even when Santa pulls back.
I save Christmas and Santa takes the boys back home.
Happy New Year!

– Chris, age 8

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