Facebook Fundraisers

Are you looking for a unique way to raise funds for Periwinkle? Create a Facebook Fundraiser for your Birthday or just because you feel like it! This is a great way to get your social media friends to support and find out more about the organization you love.

How to Fundraise for Periwinkle:

1. Go to the side panel of your Facebook Home Page and Click “Fundraisers”.

2. On this page, you will Click “Raise Money for a Nonprofit Organization”.

3. Get Started and select “Periwinkle Foundation” as your organization of choice.

4. Follow the prompted steps and tell Facebook how much you want to raise, the length of your Fundraiser, a description of why you are fundraising, choose a photo and you are now ready to CREATE your fundraiser!

5. FUNDRAISE and Email mbeall@periwinklefoundation.org to let us know you are supporting Periwinkle!