Make it a Splendid Week: Ode to Animals

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This week’s edition of Make It a Splendid Week features artwork and a piece of creative writing all about animals! While we may not be able to visit the zoo as we traditionally would have, some of these animals can be spotted from (or in) your own home! How are you learning about the other animals, like the tiger and octopus, at home? Even though we can’t see these animals in person, there is still so much to learn about them! Make It A Splendid Week!

Making A Mark®
Kitty Queen
Julia, age 8

Ode to Animals

Ode to Animals  

Dear Dog, how I love thee— 
You are energetic and delightful. 
You chase around and play with joy! 
You are very loving and you care for me.  

Dear Owl, how I love thee— 
You are steady and slick
You are quiet when you fly
And oh how well you see!  

Dear Tiger, how I love thee— 
You are ready to attack 
You sneak up on your prey
And make them run away.  

Dear Cat, how I love thee— 
You are lazy and sleepy
You move steadily on the ground 
And find a quiet place to snooze around.  

Dear Octopus, how I love thee—
You are slimy and wrap your arms around things
When you freak you send ink 
Then you wink and then you sink.  Klarissa, age 12 

-Klarissa, age 12

We just wrapped up an incredible week of virtual Periwinkle Day Camp! We learned we can still experience the magic of camp while connecting online through creative activities. Check out another cat, made using origami techniques, by Periwinkle Day Campers! Thanks to Diana for leading this session!

This entry is a part of our series “Make it a Splendid Week”! Follow along weekly to enjoy excerpts from The Splendid Review, an anthology of poems, short stories and autobiographies written by talented young writers engaged in the Periwinkle Arts In Medicine Program at Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers.

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