Make it a Splendid Week: Coloring the Rainbow

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This week’s edition of Make It a Splendid Week features artwork and a piece of creative writing all about rainbow colors! It’s been HOT and sunny here in Houston lately – but maybe you have spotted a rainbow in the sprinklers when playing outside or watering the garden! Make It A Splendid Week!

Making A Mark artwork of rainbow colors
Making A Mark®
Charlotte, Age 6

Painting the Rainbow

Color me pink like a rose in the garden.
Color me red like the bow in my friend’s hair.
Color me orange like a pumpkin on Halloween and Fanta soda.
Color me yellow like bananas at my house.
Color me green like when I paint trees growing.
Color me blue like the sky.
Color me purple like my sister’s favorite color.
Color me like all the colors in my rainbow!

-Busola, age 7, almost 8

This entry is a part of our series “Make it a Splendid Week”! Follow along weekly to enjoy excerpts from The Splendid Review, an anthology of poems, short stories and autobiographies written by talented young writers engaged in the Periwinkle Arts In Medicine Program at Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers.

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