Make it a Splendid Week: The Talking Tree

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Happy Earth Day! This young author reminds us to care for the world that continues to give to us.

Life in a Vortex, Juan Hernandez

The Talking Tree

Once upon a time, there was a talking tree named The Tree Teller.

He was an apple tree who was 200 years old. His roots were deep underground. He told stories about his life as a tree. He talked about how it felt to be a tree. He was planted, but he wanted to go places. He wanted to go somewhere and give apples to animals, butterflies, and deer. And he wanted to give apples to people. Giving apples made him feel happy. Then the people gave him water in return so he could grow more apples.

He had been through a hurricane when the wind started to get bigger and bigger. Then thunderstorms came. He just stood still and strong. He stayed there and survived from the hurricane.

People visited him. And he has a bench now where they can sit and talk to him. They get the apples from him and they give him water. Then they come the next day and the day after that. They come every day.

But one time, no more people came. He was getting older and smaller. The people wondered what happened to him. They were about to step on him because he was so small, when someone said, “WAIT! Look! There he is!” There was a miracle!

They gave him water and the sun warmed him, and he grew more apples! Then the people promised to bring a hose truck every day to give him water so he could give apples to everyone in the world.

Written by: Javier, age 9

A Spring Day, Irma Garcia

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