Make It A Splendid Week: Traveling the Ocean

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This week’s edition of Make It A Splendid Week draws our focus to the ocean as the weather continues to warm and the summer months enter our horizon. What would be on your beach of peace? What would your adventures look and feel like traveling the ocean? Make It A Splendid Week!!

Making A Mark®
The Beach of Peace
Zaida, age 9

Traveling the Ocean

I want to travel the ocean and go fishing.
I want to reach into the ocean, right there,
and look underneath the water.
I would see deep blue and my fingertips
moving back to front slowly,
gliding through, enjoying the surface of the water.
I would put on goggles and look underneath the waves.
It would be deep blue with lots of fish,
and I would hear ringing in my ears,
a vibration soothing and relaxing.
I would take a jump in, but stay along the side of the boat,
so I don’t drift off.
The water would feel cold on my feet,
in the deep part of the ocean.
It would be scary to let go of the edge of the boat,
but I would let go little by little,
floating 5 feet away,
not losing sight of the boat,
but experiencing the joy
of being in the middle of the ocean,
floating in the water.
I would have fun with my brothers,
who wander off on their own
to enjoy traveling the ocean.
Scuba Diving under the ocean!

-Joleen, age 17

This entry is a part of our series “Make it a Splendid Week”! Follow along weekly to enjoy excerpts from The Splendid Review, an anthology of poems, short stories and autobiographies written by talented young writers engaged in the Periwinkle Arts In Medicine Program at Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers.

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